Aries in 2020: will you lose or win?

Aries in 2020: will you lose or win?

2020 will probably be one of the most significant years for you – one of a handful of truly fateful moments that determine the future for the next decade and even more. Looking back at it later, you will realize that it was marking the transition between the old life and the new one. The three outer planets that carry us forward will find themselves at the top of the Aries horoscope, the sector responsible for career and status, which means that you will be at the forefront of all the upcoming changes. Whatever the new era brings with you, you will learn about it in the first place, react instantly and use the opportunities.

General predictions

The coming months will be fleeting and eventful! You will have neither a plan nor rules to be guided by. All that remains is to act boldly, to believe in your abilities, to find acceptable ways and, most importantly, not to lose energy and pace. Many other people would be horrified by such a prospect, but the typical Aries prefers to act rather than sit still: the thought that you will be a pioneer in something has never scared you. So, you are always able to withstand the onslaught of a coming flurry of change.


In addition, your patron, Mars, which usually spends a couple of months in each of the signs, this time will stay in Aries for the entire second half of the year, from the end of July until the very beginning of 2021. This is an unusual thing, and such a situation would certainly arouse concern in any other year. Now, on the contrary, you’ll get the nourishment you need to cope with all the challenges that the outer planets will face on you, and you can continue to fight for your desired goals. Mars will enter the confrontation with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto seven times! Naturally, you will be required to hold on, to maintain a positive attitude and not to lose sight of the intended goals. Do not worry: in the end, the victory will remain yours.

Personal Life

All of the above applies to the outside world, business, and career. In personal life, on the contrary, the situation will not be so severe, and you will undoubtedly be happy about it. There will be a great temptation not to do anything in the relationship, to leave it as a safe haven where you can take refuge and rest while battles rage outside. But this year everything is changing, and personal life is no exception; get ready for the tense moments awaiting you. The reason for the vast majority of them will be the desire of your partner to develop, move the relationship forward – and a misunderstanding of why you resist. Summer will pass in heated debate, but your positions will have come closer by the fall – and you will still be together.

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