Astrology and Sexuality: what’s the connection?

Astrology and Sexuality: what’s the connection?

Sexuality is an inborn need and function of the human body, like breathing and digestion. A person is born with a certain physiological sexual potential, and then sexuality is formed as a result of individual life experience.

Sexuality is the ability and need for sexual intercourse. The ability to procreate is the foundation of sexuality. The higher this ability, the greater the sexual need. Of course, there are various deviations of the physiological or sociocultural field, but we are talking not about them. We are discussing the natural innate ability to procreate, which leads to increased sexuality.

How to see sexuality from the astrological point of view? The question is not so complicated as it may seem. What can be easier then taking a hundred men and women known for their sexual appetites or for the number of children, and learning what they have in common? But in reality, everything is not so simple.


Let’s start with the race. It is believed that the southern peoples are more sexual. They are definitely more temperamental. Northern peoples – less sexy, passionate and temperamental. Fertility is low among the white population of the United States. It seems that as soon as a country overcomes a certain civilizational (urban, ecological, cultural) boundary, the birth rate in it begins to fall. While in Pakistan, Africa or South America, the birth rate, on the contrary, is high.

Therefore, we focus on the following three groups of questions.

First: gender. Is there a difference between sexuality in the male and female charts?

Second: planets, signs or aspects? What is more important – the position of the planets in signs or their aspects? What signs and which planets are important?

Third: the difference in interpretation between the cosmogram and the horoscope. Is cosmogram enough to determine sexuality? What houses (or a collection of houses) are important?


The cosmogram shows the innate potential of sexuality. But it’s obvious that not all planets are related to sex. So which ones? Take the septener, for example. It is clear that this is not asexual Mercury and not a sterile Saturn. Jupiter is the signifier of children (in the Indian tradition it is an indisputable and basic one), and therefore it seems you should take it into account. But Jupiter is the same for those born in the same year. Is their sexuality the same? Obviously not. Therefore, Jupiter can be neglected.

Higher planets should not be considered on their own, outside their aspects with personal planets. The position of the higher planet in the sign is the same for millions of people. If the sign of the higher planet influenced the personality somehow, all people of the same generation (and even neighboring generations) would be the same . For example, all people with Pluto in Scorpio would be perverted sexually. But this is not like that.

On the one hand, each generation relates to sexual topics in a different way – and this can be seen in films, books, fashion and the prevailing type of behavior of people. But on the other hand, we can not say how sexy this particular person is only by the position of Pluto or Uranus and Neptune in a sign.

We have luminaries and Venus with Mars left. These four planets with their position in the sign and aspects give us the main indicators of sexuality in the cosmogram.

Luminaries, Venus and Mars are the main indicators of sexuality in a cosmogram.


If sexuality really depends on the ability to procreate, it is logical to start with this ability. Is it possible to see it only by cosmogram? Apparently, it is impossible: the 5th house can be so struck that it crosses out the indicators for fertility of the cosmogram. Therefore, we see children according to the horoscope, of course.

In traditional astrology, there is such a thing as fertile (or prolific) signs. According to Lilith, the most prolific are the water signs. Then follow Taurus and Sagittarius. Libra and Aquarius are more prolific than infertile. Capricorn is a sign of few children, prone to infertility.

Infertile signs – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo.

Therefore, we start from position of the 5th house in the sign. It is also worth considering the 5th sign from Asc. After that, we consider the ruler of the 5th house (and the 5th sign), as well as the planet in this house (and/or sign).

This will show us the ability to procreate. And if it’s strong, the likelihood of high sexuality increases.


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