Everything You Should Know About Aquarius

Everything You Should Know About Aquarius

Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. Highly intelligent and forward thinking, Aquarians  are independent and love freedom.

They are also humanitarians who love to be agents of change, even if that means shaking things up. Aquarius is an Air sign. They are intellectual and bring breakthroughs and dramatic epiphanies to others. They are incredibly honest and will say exactly what they think with no filter. They are so future oriented, they care more about their legacy than their reputation in the present. Aquarius is unpredictable. Just when you think you have them figured out, rest assured they will surprise you.


Aquarius places high value on their friendships. They aren’t as adept at intimate relationships, yet they feel at home in large crowds. They love getting involved in groups to further their progressive interests. They value diversity and justice and are likely to have friends who are fellow activists. They are community minded and think of what is best for the collective. It is easy to befriend an Aquarius because they are noticeable and outgoing. They can be exciting to be around,  constantly inspiring others. Aquarians follow their sudden and sometimes erratic spurts of insight. Their friends will have to adjust to their intense energy and understand their need for space. They will be rewarded for their patience and for not taking Aquarius’s moods personally.

Love & Relationships

Aquarius has a paradoxical view toward relationships. They are in love with the idea of people, but also sensitive to when it has become ‘too peopley out’. They are terrified of intimacy. They will go above and beyond for the people they care about, but prefer to do it from a distance. Aquarius is highly introspective and creative. It’s hard for them to share their time with a partner. They never know when they may need to spend an entire night inventing new gadgets or solving humanity’s problems.  Aquarius will not compromise when it comes to their beliefs. They are hyper sensitive to the needs of humanity and feel it is their obligation to respond to various issues. They don’t have time to wait patiently to nurture deep relationships. They are busy tearing down the institutions of oppression that keep society from thriving. It’s hard to find a partner who is understanding of their need to attend almost nightly networking and social justice meetings and then spend their remaining free time debating others on Facebook. They also must contend with their deep seated fear that an intimate relationship will obstruct their need for independence and freedom. Yet they can and do succeed in relationships. They just need to find a partner who understands their independence, supports their passions, encourages their interests and is not threatened by their numerous friends and need for alternating social and alone time. A partner who expects to dominate Aquarius’s time or energy will be surprised by their ability to pull a disappearing act. Aquarians were acing the art of ghosting before it was trendy.


Everything about Aquarius is sudden, shocking and dramatic. Health issues are no exception. They are prone to heart issues, stroke, and other types of illnesses that have a sudden, abrupt onset. Aquarius is also susceptible to accidents and injuries because of their erratic nature and their tendencies to go to extremes. Extremely rare or ‘freak’ accidents are few and far between, but Aquarius are susceptible to these unusual occurrences. Fortunately, Aquarians are typically able to turn any situation into a favorable one. They will also appreciate having an entertaining story to amuse and shock their friends with when all is said and done. Accidents and injuries related to shock or electricity are likely to effect Aquarius as well. The body’s electrical system is likely to be impacted by imbalances in Aquarian’s energy. Thus Aquarius are prone to nervous disorders and neurological diseases.


Adventurers and seekers, Aquarius wants to break all the boundaries. This includes breaking through the limitations of the physical and delving into the occult and spiritual. You will not find Aquarius sitting silently and being preached to. Their spirituality needs to be active, challenging conventions, breaking down illusions and moving them, even physically. They can become zealous because of their flair for going to extremes. Aquarius may explore spiritual experiences that test the limits of their physical bodies. Others may worry that they’ve joined a cult because they make impulsive decisions to take on dramatically different lifestyles. Yet you don’t need to worry about Aquarius, they will not be led or brainwashed by anyone. They insist on being in control of their minds and lives. Their quest for spiritual growth may take them to a retreat in an exotic location, or lead them to pursue memberships in  secret societies. Always in tune with the new and cutting edge, they may dabble with witchcraft or other traditions reclaiming ancient views but with a modern twist. Aquarius is an innovator and can blend the best of several worlds,  finding their own individualized path. They can be highly intuitive as well. Idealistic and eccentric, Aquarius is likely to blend science and technology with their spiritual beliefs. Paranormal investigation appeals to Aquarius. They may also be interested in spiritualism or other systems which apply scientific research to psychic phenomenon.


Whether they live in a school bus full time, or in a yurt, Aquarius’s lifestyle will not be like anyone else’s. They are innovators and rebels and will scoff at the idea of working a 9-5 job for 40 years. Instead they want self directed adventures. The Tiny House trend appeal to Aquarius because it is different and economically and environmentally sustainable. They thrive on social activity so it is not likely they will separate from civilization altogether. They are likely to take breaks for periods of time, though. Their concepts of family, work, recreation and housing will be dramatic and may seem odd to others at first. The secret known to Aquarians, though, is that they are actually ahead of their time. It may take ten years or a generation, but the mainstream will eventually catch on to the tracks already set by Aquarius. By that time, Aquarius will be on to the next cutting edge trend. They are busy, active, intellectual and at times restless. They love research, learning and organizing social and political campaigns. They are also very creative and may have several works of art, writing or music in the works at a given time.

Career & Money

When it comes to career, Aquarius is a powerful force for change and progress and will not tolerate being confined to an office or factory, doing repetitive work. Tedious, mindless, drudgery will aggravate them. They would rather be unemployed than toil in work that feels meaningless to them. It is part of the core motivation of Aquarius to change the world and their career will reflect this. Whether they work at a retail check out counter or in a college as a professor, Aquarius looks at every connection as an opportunity to change the world. Their ideal careers involve changes of scenery, creativity, communication and the ability to push boundaries. They also love to work around people. Social work, political or social justice organizing or fundraising, event organizing, writing, advertising, technology, research and computer programming all appeal to Aquarians. Aquarius’s attitude toward money is as unconventional as their attitude toward everything. They don’t care about the power and prestige associated with net worth. Instead, they see money as giving them the power to invest in social advancement. Their financial goals include being able to gain freedom from jobs they don’t like, or having the ability to invest in socially responsible businesses.

Parent & Child

The Aquarius parent is creative, inspirational and full of surprises. Their family and home life is anything but ordinary. They believe in bringing out the best in their children and teach their kids to be independent thinkers who challenge authority. In fact, their disdain for micromanaging can backfire at times when it is their turn to tell their children they can’t do something. The Aquarius parent needs ample alone time which is challenging given the responsibility of their parental role. They may rely on their network and family to share the childcare responsibilities so that they can remain involved in their numerous groups. In other situations, they may simply bring their children along with them, turning activism and socializing into a family affair. The Aquarian child is independent and inquisitive. They have no tolerance for following rules that don’t make sense just to preserve tradition. They can throw epic tantrums when upset but can also be optimistic and friendly. More sensitive than they let on, the Aquarian child may favor books and solitary activities to being part of the crowd. In some circumstances, though, they can be outgoing. Their style of dress and mannerisms make them stand out but they will not change who they are to satisfy others.

Aquarius’s Motto

“All power to the people.”

Aquarians are awesome!

Their name explains it all:

A for Artistic

Q for Quirky

U for Unity-focused

A for Active

R for Radical

I for Innovative

U for Understanding

S for Socially-Conscious

Aquarius’s Greatest Gifts

Aquarius’s greatest gifts are their independence and ability to be free thinkers who can serve as vanguards for society.

Aquarius’s Greatest Challenges

They are uncompromising and this can lead them to be single minded at times. They have no problem sacrificing a relationship to maintain their independence.

Aquarius’s Secret Weapon

Aquarius’s secret weapon is their ability to sense changing trends or turbulence on the horizon. They can anticipate the future in communities and society at large. They are also inventive and innovative.

5 Reasons to Love Being an Aquarius

  1. You can perceive trends that others overlook
  2. Everyone wants to be around you because your energy is so inspiring
  3. You are exciting and enthusiastic
  4. You aren’t afraid to challenge the system and invite change
  5. You are a humanitarian with a heart of gold

Famous Aquarius

Ellen DeGeneres, Ed Sheeran, Michael Jordan, Frederick Douglass, Babe Ruth, Bob Marley