Everything You Should Know About Capricorn

Everything You Should Know About Capricorn

Capricorns are the worker bees of the zodiac. Capricorn’s symbol is half goat, half fish.

It has probably never occurred to Cappy to understand why, they are too busy working. But if you were wondering why, it’s believed to have originated with the story of mythical sea goats who migrated to live on land.  As an Earth sign, Capricorn is determined and grounded. Their ruling planet, Saturn, is associated with discipline. As a result, Capricorn has a gift for finding ways to successfully work through even the most challenging circumstances. They are the original minimalists, understanding how to make the most of the resources they have. Capricorns tend to be serious about everything they do. They approach life like a business executive, constantly weighing whether decisions will yield a good return for their investment. Their calculating, objective nature can make them appear aloof. They aren’t easily swayed by emotions and may try to stifle their deeper feelings.


Capricorn is efficient and strives to create stability. When you ask your Capricorn friend to spend time with you and they whip out their calendar and schedule a date a month away, it isn’t because they don’t like you. It’s because they always feel pressured to work and produce. The best way to connect with a Capricorn is to engage with their work. Support their business, network with them in a career enhancing setting, or ask them to attend a seminar on banking and finance with you. Appeal to their desire to create material security. Capricorn also doesn’t do small talk. They will appreciate conversation with you if you cut to the chase, get down to business and keep it brief. Spending hours on the phone rehashing the minutiae of the day or pouring your heart out is not their idea of meaningful social connection. Instead, focus on problem solving. Let them give you practical advice. Whatever you do, don’t waste their time.

Love & Relationships

Whoever invented the prenuptial agreement was probably a Capricorn. Their sense of romance is traditional. They see relationships as akin to a ‘business deal’.  Feelings are all fine and good, but Capricorn wants to be assured their investment is worthwhile. Is there a future together? They will ask themselves. Capricorn is not one to bypass logistical issues to blindly follow their heart. A long distance relationship filled with practical obstacles will supersede their attraction to someone. If you are courting a Capricorn, be prepared to be in it for the long haul, no matter how long that takes. Capricorn has their own sense of timing. You may be ready to throw in the towel just as Cappy is preparing to (finally!) pop the question. They value tradition and will lay a solid foundation rather than rushing in. Pressuring them will only backfire, it’s better to go at their pace and enjoy the journey.


Capricorn is associated with the framework of the body, the skeleton. Capricorn also embodies time and can be associated with health issues typically attributed to age, wear and tear on the body. Capricorn is hard working and prone to injuries associated with overwork or repetitive motion, arthritis and bone disease. Capricorn needs to be mindful of spine health and posture. Generally, Capricorns are sturdy, solid and have the physical constitution needed to endure and persevere. They don’t typically complain about minor aches and pains. If anything, their inclination to ignore minor ailments and signals from their body asking them to slow down, can be detrimental in the long run. Their biggest health challenge is to balance their desire to work and be productive with the needs of their physical body, especially the need to stretch, rest or avoid injury.


Capricorn is concerned with the here and now more than the hereafter. Their inclination toward tradition can lead them to follow the spiritual practices of their family or ancestors. If they delve into unconventional spiritual practices, it is usually either tied to their work and career, or to spirituality perceived through nature.Their workaholic personalities can also lead them to interpret success or failure as connected to their spiritual condition. For example, they may feel that a surge in business is proof that they are living a divinely sanctioned lifestyle. “God must approve of what I’m doing, look how my efforts are being rewarded.” They may say to themselves. If they are experiencing difficulties in business, they may perceive that as punishment for spiritual transgressions.Their sign ruler, Saturn is the Lord of Karma, yet without a deeper understanding of the concept of Karma, Cappy may become judgmental about their- or others’- financial or career circumstances. Spirituality intertwined with the concepts of abundance and success at work will also appeal to Capricorn. They may not give much credence to what they can’t see, but will believe in miracles when a vision board leads to a successful career move.


The typical day in the life of a Capricorn involves waking up early so as not to miss an opportunity to catch up on work, followed by breakfast on the way to work, then more work. When they are done working for the day, they may take a stroll through the park, taking in the scenery and thinking about work. To unwind, they love to sit with their family and catch up on some work. Before bed they will check their bank accounts and stock values and get ready for tomorrow’s work, and then go to bed. If they are lucky, they will have good dreams about career success and an increased net worth. For fun, Capricorn likes to learn about history, visit museums, watch documentaries and get as close as they can to re-experiencing the past. They also like to study their past and may get involved with genealogy. Estate sales can be fun for them. Capricorn may play their own game of ‘Antiques Roadshow’ discovering how much their inherited or found treasures are worth.

Career & Money

Capricorn is always thinking about security. They are diligent, patient and concerned with setting a foundation for their future. Capricorn individuals can be found in the boardrooms of companies and in elevated positions of power or working independently behind the scenes. When they are in positions of leadership, they are concerned with the company as an entity more than the individuals on their team. “Motivating my staff is not my job” they’ll tell you, “their paycheck should be their motivation, we are here to get a job done…” As a result, they are not warm, fuzzy leaders. They can be harsh, but are also only going to ask their staff to do what they would also do. Which is still asking a lot. As employees, Capricorn is slow and steady and their employer needs to understand they are striving for quality, not quantity. Capricorn isn’t out to boost their ego through career. They do like to have nice things and show their successes, but usually they are concerned with the idea of material security and creating stability. Historians, construction workers, business leaders and finance are all fields they may be drawn to. They are the most conservative investors of the zodiac and can be frugal and cautious with money. They prefer assets that can continue to earn, like property and stocks, as well as regular sources of income from wages.

Parent & Child

The Capricorn parent is traditional. Their values may seem ‘old’ even beyond the normal generation gap with their children. They will constantly remind their family of how things used to be in the ‘good old days’ when they were young. The Capricorn parent values discipline and may use consequences such as grounding and restriction to set boundaries with their kids. They believe less is more and so are not likely to indulge their child’s every desire. But they will make sure their children have the best quality resources they need to succeed. Whether it be access to tutoring, the best quality instrument for a child who wants to learn guitar. The Cappy parent splurges on opportunities and items that will give their children the best running start. The Capricorn child is born old. They may be more mature and serious than their peers. They will excel in school if they can see the link between education and career success. They will also lose interest in classes or tasks that seem to waste their time or take them away from their goal of financial stability. You can’t rush a Capricorn child. They will do their chores, school work or daily tasks in their own timing though will also pay attention to quality. They may dress as if from a different era or be drawn toward the music or art of an older culture, yet otherwise they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

Capricorn’s Motto

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Capricorns are great!

Their name explains it all:

C for Conservative

A for Ambitious

P for Pragmatic

R for Rational

I for Industrious

C for Conscientious

O for Organized

R for Resilient

N for No-Nonsense

Capricorn’s Greatest Gifts

Capricorn is sturdy, reliable and honest. Their greatest gift is the willingness to be self sacrificing and endure hardship to create a better future.

Capricorn’s Greatest Challenges

Capricorn’s greatest challenge is that they try to be a robot. They want to be efficient and can deny their own humanity, pushing away their emotions.

Capricorn’s Secret Weapon

Capricorn’s secret weapon is their work ethic. If they can’t overcome an obstacle, they will steadily dig through it.

5 Reasons to Love Being a Capricorn

  1. You are the hardest working sign in the zodiac
  2. You know how to direct your resources to make sure others have security
  3. You help preserve traditions and history
  4. You are willing to do whatever needs to be done in order to be successful
  5. You are wise and mature

Famous Capricorn

John Legend, Ryan Seacrest, January Jones, Denzel Washington, Nicholas Cage, Kate Middleton, Janis Joplin