Everything You Should Know About Libra

Everything You Should Know About Libra

Libra is the sign of the scales. This speaks to Libra’s attempt to measure and weigh as objectively as possible, trying to cover every angle of a situation before committing to a decision or making a judgment.

But don’t let the symbolism fool you, with Venus as this sign’s ruler, Libras are quite loving and romantic. They express it in an intellectual and idealistic way, rather than getting caught up in messy emotional sentiment. Libra strives to make life fair and harmonious and they can have a confrontational streak when advocating for others. Yet diplomacy is their preferred method and they will usually avoid direct confrontation and drama. They opt instead for an intellectual approach and try to appeal to the humanity of others. Their favorite way of doing this is by appealing to the humanitarian interests in others, culture, music and the arts.


Librans are charming, romantic, flirty and fun. It is easy to befriend a Libra because they genuinely want to connect with everyone. They especially want to understand the world view of others and having a diverse network of friends from various backgrounds helps them maintain balance. Librans are social conscious and aware of the challenges faced by others, yet they prefer to maintain an optimistic view and see the best in others. They are diplomatic and try to make sure everything is fair and all opinions heard. They love socializing in groups and usually have a full social calendar. They prefer being in pairs to being alone and will hold back on pursuing their interests if they don’t have a friend to accompany them. They tend to acquiesce to the needs of others as well and may pass on their own interests to go along with the crowd. They are lighthearted and flirty and may find romance through connections with others who are friends first. Even if a relationship doesn’t last, they are likely to maintain friendships for life, even with former partners.

Love & Relationships

Librans love to be in love. They feel incomplete without a partner or friend and prefer to work in pairs as they feel balanced in the presence of others. Librans have a strong desire for romance and affection but are also averse to deep, messy emotions. Instead they prefer to view romance from an intellectual standpoint. They want everyday to be filled with excitement and pleasure. When relationships become serious, difficult or burdened with the trials of every day life, Libra may start to think the grass is greener elsewhere. They are flirty by nature and need a partner who understands this and doesn’t easily become insecure or jealous. Appearances matter to them, so they are likely to seek out partners who fit an idealized image. They genuinely believe that love and romance can transform the world. It confuses them when a deeply loving relationship is still subject to mundane stress. Likewise, they believe their true love should be able to meet all of their needs and read their mind. When this doesn’t happen they can become disillusioned or question their relationship.


Librans are more motivated by whether their food is cruelty free or fairly traded than whether it is healthy for their bodies. They believe life is all about pleasure and enjoyment, so it is difficult for them to find the motivation and willpower to reign in their cravings or self indulgence. The lower back and kidneys stabilize the body and are symbols of balance which is why they are associated with this sign. Typically, health issues stem from lack of consideration for the body’s long term needs and too much focus on pleasure in the moment. Whether it is overindulging in favorite foods, drink, or sports without adequate rest, Librans need to embody balance in all things. They also need to take the signals from their body seriously and not opt for quick fixes. Ignoring cramps, aches and pains or seeking surface level remedies without addressing the deeper issues is a pattern that can sabotage Libra when it comes to health.


Librans want to give fair consideration to every philosophy, religion and belief system. They may collect an eclectic array of practices and traditions, often inspired by partners and friends. They see love and spirituality as intertwined and it is easier for them to connect with their spiritual beliefs when their quest is inspired by a loved one. The irony is that this can block out their ability to directly connect with Spirit and foster their own relationship with the Divine. When put in the context of being in relationship with the Divine, Libra is more motivated to tend to their spiritual needs. They are also more philosophical than emotional when it comes to their spiritual beliefs. They seek to ‘understand’ rather than feel the presence of Divinity. Striving for balance, they may make it a point to celebrate every holiday or honor multiple deities.


Librans love the arts and culture and thrive in social settings. They want to experience all of the best of what life has to offer. Libra has an artistic sense of style and fashion, they value appearance and know how to make a great first impression. They love to surround themselves with beauty and are drawn to art exhibits, concerts, cultural events and opportunities to connect with people from around the world. Trendy restaurants and gourmet food and drinks are also appealing to them. They don’t like to rush and have their own sense of flow and timing. A Libra has no problem being late if it means they can finish a conversation with someone. They may completely lose track of time altogether when in social settings because they are much more fascinated with learning about others around them. Librans are concerned with balance and equality and will go to great efforts to make sure they are giving fair consideration to as many people as possible. They may let you pick the movie, date or show because they would rather adjust to your preferences than inconvenience you by asking you to accommodate them. This people pleasing can interfere with their important priorities however. Librans may also double up their plans or purchases because they are notoriously indecisive. Unlike Gemini, who is afraid of missing out, Libra is afraid of leaving out any voice or perspective, or of offending anyone in any way.

Career & Money

Librans see career and money both as means to an end. Career is a vehicle for self expression and connection with others. Ideally, it is also intended to improve the world or create equality. Money serves the same function, plus allows them to indulge in life’s pleasures and enjoy time with loved ones. Ideal careers for a Libra include work that allows them to be partners in an enterprise. They may have great ideas for a business but will be more inclined to act in tandem with a partner than to develop it on their own. They don’t want to be in charge in their career field, instead they want a supportive role assisting and influencing but not holding the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. They also have a bad reputation for being ‘lazy’. In truth they simply want to do what appeals to them and have little patience for tedious work or drudgery. Work involving social justice, the legal system, the arts, entertainment, culture, museums, galleries, film, literature or culinary arts can appeal to them. Libras use money to promote causes and people they care about or to treat themselves. Money is a means to buy art, nice clothes, good food, or to take trips to visually appealing and romantic places. They see hoarding money for emergencies as a waste.

Parent & Child

The Libra parent thrives in tandem with a coparent, be it a partner, friend or other family member. They love bringing out the artistic and musical potential in their children. It is also in their nature to instill a love of justice and fairness, teaching ethics and integrity even when their children are small. They may start a family tradition of volunteering at a food pantry on holidays, involving their children in socially conscious activities. Libra children are sensitive to injustices and may insist that their elders provide a better explanation than ‘because that’s the way it is…’ when they ask about the many wrongs in the world. Libra children are social, thoughtful, polite, and considerate. They may show interests in multiple forms of artistic or creative expression and these gifts should be nurtured. Yet they will go at their own pace and don’t respond well to pressure, deadlines or ultimatums.

Libra’s Motto

“Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Librans are great!

Their name makes it clear:

L for Loving

I for intellectual

B for Beautiful

R for Respectful

A for Artistic

Libra’s Greatest Challenges

As strong as their sense of right and wrong may be, Librans have surprising difficulty when it comes to making a firm decision. They can see all sides of the story and are so concerned about upsetting or hurting someone else that they are notorious procrastinators.

Libra’s Secret Weapon

They are born charmers. Libra is diplomatic, attractive and their blend of intellectual and emotional appeal can help them win over even a tough audience.

5 Reasons to Love Being a Libra

  1. Venus is your ruling planet so attracting people and opportunities comes easily to you
  2. Others perceive you as beautiful, inside and out
  3. You can see others’ perspectives and respect diversity
  4. You genuinely want to make life as fair as possible
  5. You are artistic and creative

Famous Libras

Cardi B., Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Zac Efron, Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Carrie Fisher, Ashanti, Toni Braxton