Everything You Should Know About Sagittarius

Everything You Should Know About Sagittarius

Take a heart of gold, add a heaping spoonful of wanderlust, mix with unwavering optimism and throw in equal parts generosity, intelligence and idealism, and you’ve got a Sagittarius.

Sag is the sign of the centaur, the combination of humanity’s philosophical and rational nature combined with the grace and desire for freedom represented by the horse’s legs. Centaurs, like Sagittarians, are also associated with healing and transcending obstacles. The centaur is also an archer, symbolizing the importance of aiming high and letting their fiery spirit guide them to success. Sagittarius is a Fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, the big daddy of the planets. As you can guess, Sagittarius has big dreams and aspirations. They uplift and empower all they meet. Their idealism is not always realistic, but who cares? They know the importance of seeing the big picture and they always aim high.


Sagittarius will tell you the secret to their popularity lies in their fierce independence. They maintain lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life because they don’t get too enmeshed with any one person for too long. They rotate between various social circles and while they don’t forget the important people in their lives, Sagittarius is often busy galloping around the globe rather than getting immersed in drama. Sagittarius loves to encounter new people. The more diverse, worldly, and eclectic, the better. They aren’t consciously looking to fill some ‘friendship intersectionality quota’, it’s just their nature to be intrigued by people who have different perspectives to share.Sagittarius easily attracts others with their open mindedness, good sense of humor and generous nature. There is little that will anger them or cause them to turn their back on their friends. One thing they will be less tolerant of is anyone trying to cramp their style or anchor them to one place for too long. Even then, however, they aren’t likely to end the friendship. They’ll just keep smiling as they wander farther into the distance.

Love & Relationships

Sagittarius’s ideal partner respects their need for independence and is confident in themselves. They won’t tolerate a relationship with someone clingy or needy. Their romantic match will ideally share the long road trip called life with them. At the very least, they will be fully understanding and supportive of Sag’s need to hit the road and wander from time to time. Sagittarius can be romantic and generous yet they need to maintain some degree of distance. Their first love is wisdom and any personal relationship, no matter how rewarding, will never take the place of their lust for knowledge. Their partner must understand the importance of their quest and not try to distract them from it. With a partner who is understanding and independent, Sagittarius will feel they have hit the jackpot. Their partner will be rewarded with a lifetime of loyalty, adventure, unusual experiences and stories about the world, and intimacy that is both affectionate and spiritual. They will also be rewarded with honesty. Sagittarius is friendly and outgoing but has no inclination toward lying. In fact, sometimes it would be easier on others if Sag would sugar coat the truth, but that isn’t their style. Sag has a reputation for being lucky and love is no exception. Their ability to land on their feet even after a difficult breakup is one of the reasons for their perpetual optimism. Things always work out in their favor.


Sagittarius is associated with travel and movement and when it comes to health and the body, the legs, thighs and liver. When their energy is out of balance, or when they have wandered the mountain ranges and forests for too long or overindulged in too much of a good thing, they may have issues with their legs or liver. Ironically, Sagittarius are inclined to be interested in the sciences and want to blend the worlds of spirituality and research. They are often attracted to healing fields for work or study, but aren’t known to be the most health conscious sign in the zodiac. This is because they overestimate their strength. Later in life they also keep an optimistic view of their capabilities, not realizing when age has caught up with them. Sagittarius loves to indulge in too much of a good thing and their bodies can suffer the consequences over time.


Sagittarius is deeply moved by philosophy and spirituality. They are always on a quest for greater understanding. Unlike Virgo’s attention to detail or Scorpio’s desire to dig beneath the surface to get at the truth, Sagittarius wants to step back and put all the pieces of the puzzle together, admiring the interconnectedness of the universe and unraveling the mysteries of both religion and science. They are drawn to quantum physics, metaphysical studies and holistic medicine because of the interconnection between the Divine and scientific in these systems. They are also interested in practices that expand their minds. They may be drawn to Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kirtans or even the use of psychedelics.


Sagittarius believes that bigger is better and more is merrier. They want to be in with the biggest crowds and involved in as many activities as possible. They are hard working and ambitious but also have time for recreation. They favor culture and the arts over spectator sports but aren’t above challenging themselves and pushing their limits as a competitor. When all is said and done, they are out to uplift others and so are not as directly competitive as other Fire signs. They would rather strategize with a team that they can inspire and uplift than ‘win’ at the expense of someone else who ‘lost’. They are intelligent and enjoy learning about new cultures. More than anything else, they love to travel. Whatever their routines, they need the freedom to change their lifestyle on a dime. They also need lots of breathing room and may change plans at the last minute because something caught their interest. Don’t take it personally.

Career & Money

Sagittarius is a natural leader and can ascend to positions of influence in any field. They are also less likely to abuse power and authority than others because they are devoted to the idea of integrity. The advancement of a group or society is more important than their own ego. They are drawn to careers involving healing, research, higher education, archaeology, travel and philosophy. Law also appeals to them though they tend to look for positions of influence in the legal system such as judges or attorney rather than on the street level such as law enforcement. Ethics guide everything Sag does. This means they will not quietly play along with a company that is engaged in unfair or illegal business practices. They would rather forego a raise and a corner office if it requires them to sacrifice their ideals to advance. It is no sweat for them to leave a job or career. Their good fortune will ensure they aren’t unemployed for long. Money is easy-come-easy-go for Sagittarius and so they don’t get too hung up on their bank statement and investments. They love to take risks and can gamble either at the casino or on Wall St. If they take things too far, they can lose large amounts, but will eventually get back on their feet when their luck kicks in again.

Parent & Child

A Sagittarius parent wants to expose their family to various cultures and instill a love of diversity and adventure. They believe children should be honored as intelligent and independent and not micromanaged. A Sag parent doesn’t sweat the small stuff and knows kids can bounce back from most issues. At the same time, they are uplifting, encouraging and easily build the confidence of their children. The Sagittarius child is independent. The kid who is merrily skipping into school on the first day while their parent bites their nails and cries in the car is probably a Sag. They make friends easily and are always asking questions about the bigger picture. They see school as a means to an end and will not take a class (or teacher, or parent) seriously if it is not truly providing them with a mind expanding wisdom-gaining experience.

Sagittarius’s Motto

“Don’t fence me in.”

Sagittarius are great!

Their name explains it all:

S for Supportive

A for Advocates

G for Generous

I for Intelligent

T for Truthful

T for Traveling

A for Active

R for Radiant

I for Inquisitive

U for Unconditionally Loving

S for Spiritual

Sag’s Greatest Gifts

Sagittarius’s greatest gifts to the world is their optimistic influence. They exude confidence and as a result, they inspire confidence in others.

Sagittarius’s Greatest Challenges

Sagittarius is eternally optimistic but their ideals can distract them from dealing with reality. They need to learn to seek truth but also to deal with the imperfections of life on life’s terms.

Sagittarius’s Secret Weapon

Sagittarius knows how to influence others and is just as comfortable talking to a corporate executive as they are talking to a young child. They have a miraculous power to see the best in everyone and adapt their message to their audience. They are also genuinely interested in the lives of those around them.

5 Reasons to Love Being a Sagittarius

  1. Everything you touch turns to gold
  2. You are sought out by others who are attracted to your wisdom and vision
  3. You are truthful and direct
  4. You seek new experiences and nothing holds you back from success
  5. You are unusually lucky


Famous Sagittarius

Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Walt Disney, Brad Pitt