Gemini in 2020: will the year be successful?

Gemini in 2020: will the year be successful?

Hey, Gemini! What do you really like? If you have to choose from two options, which one do you prefer? And what if there are more than two options? Your sign is distinguished by non-standard and flexible thinking, but only in financial matters: if you need to agree on a discount or conclude a profitable deal, nobody can compare to you! But when it comes to feelings and emotions, the same contradictions and indecision manifest in you as in all other signs.

General predictions

This year brings large-scale changes, as well as completely different prospects for the future. All this can only make you happier because you adore novelty and variety and have always been drawn to something unseen. However, having carefully studied the series of options, you will have to make a choice, and that’s where the problems begin. Which of the options will allow you to get into the new and unknown as deeply as possible? Where is the most valuable prize to waiting for, where will the greatest benefit be? Everything is new here, it’s so hard to make a decision, and past experience will not come to the rescue. Once you get bored, you start to get distracted – so which option can truly captivate you? In order to answer these questions, you will have to forget about all your thoughts about profit and career and think about what you truly love to do and why. It’s not so easy to understand, and by the end of the year, you’ll immerse in thoughts at least three times, trying to understand yourself. Most likely, you decide that the most important thing for you is not status, money and even your occupation.  But this self-analysis is by no means a waste of time because in October or November something specific will occur, you will know who you are and what you want, and this will help you make the right choice.

Personal Life

As for the relationships, this year seems to consist of a series of compromises. It will seem to you more than once that all the possibilities have been exhausted and it is time to stop this connection, but then you will invariably find a way not to bring matters to confrontation, and your relationships will continue their course. In spring and summer, you can wait for a couple of months of happiness; you may just be tired of arguing and quarreling, but it is possible that you will finally find an option that suits both sides. And even if this is not a perfect but quite an acceptable solution – by the end of the year you will decide to go to a next level together.


In terms of work and career, this year can even exceed your expectations – you just need to remember that it is difficult to achieve everything at once. But you have always been distinguished by your talent to use the most modest opportunities, to find loopholes that allow you to take another step up. In summer or autumn, fate will give you some of these chances. In June and July, perhaps, it will be necessary to manage finances carefully, however, the favorable situation in August and September will definitely make up for possible losses.

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