Happy New Year 2020! Are you ready for magic?

Happy New Year 2020! Are you ready for magic?

On January 12, Saturn will meet Pluto in Capricorn – an event of truth which has an epoch-making significance. Indeed, in order to complete its cycle, these unhurried planets require so much time that we only see them together two or three times in our lives: in the end of 1982, in 1947 and 1914. The beginning of each new cycle turns the page, opening the next chapter of the book of life for us all. And, although it seems that we will continue to live as before from the outside, it will become obvious very soon- the rules of the game have changed, and in a year or two we will feel the real beginning of a different era. Whatever Saturn and Pluto have prepared for us this time, their influence will determine the shape of our reality until the end of the cycle in 2053.

Saturn in a duet with Pluto is a quite tough combination. The element of Saturn is organization, rules and procedures; Pluto is the embodiment of hidden power and everything behind it. Let us not forget that Capricorn, hardworking and able to achieve a lot, is a symbol of serious ambition. Saturn is as strong as possible in this sign, and Pluto, in its turn, will not fail to take part in any struggle for power.

Last year we were lucky – the roughness that arose with the rapprochement of Saturn and Pluto was smoothed out by a couple of “optimists”, Jupiter and Neptune. Alas, it is not necessary to wait for their help in 2020. Of course, Jupiter is now also in Capricorn, but its influence here is  manifested most weakly. And yet, the inherent fun and vivacity cannot be drowned out completely, and it will try to do everything possible to give us glimpses, moments of respite when Saturn’s oppression becomes completely unbearable.

As Jupiter and Saturn both made it to Capricorn, they will also meet at some point. It will be at the end of December, in the end of the year. In the era of antiquity, it was believed that their cycles marked a change in eras. We are entering an era of great change. A new chapter opens in the book of life, where the first page has yet to be filled.

So, if Jupiter meet with Saturn, and it, in its turn, meets with Pluto, then the whole trinity comes together. The years when the three giant planets converge in one sign are extremely rare. This happened in the late 1960s and again in the 1980s, but more than three decades have passed since then. So there is not the slightest doubt that we will feel the energy of 2020 in full. And, despite gloomy Saturnian tones, this year will bring joyful excitement, will be a turning point, which we will recall with pride. Unexpected, perhaps not the most pleasant for someone, 2020 will certainly not be boring!

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