How Rich You Can Be Based on Your Horoscope

How Rich You Can Be Based on Your Horoscope

Your wealth can be estimated by analyzing the data of your astrological natal chart. The first thing you should pay attention to is how strongly earth elements are expressed in your zodiac. They are responsible for pragmatism, material wealth and your ability to be down to earth.

Signs and houses which affect your level of well-being

Taureans are prone to the accumulation of money, achieving the goals set and practical thinking. Virgos are known for not taking risks with finances, they mostly prefer reliability and hard work. Capricorns are very responsible, persistent, they know how to save and correctly evaluate work, time and money which will be required for business. The same applies to astrological houses: the second one says about our material savings and finances, the sixth one is for our work, the tenth one is for our career. People with the Big Trigon configuration, which looks like a big triangle in the natal chart, are really lucky – life helps them to be “at the right time in the right place.” Such a configuration often gives luck in money terms.

Influence of specific planets

When talking about money, we should also pay attention to two planets – Venus and Jupiter. The position of Venus often affects not only love and relationships, but also cash flows in life. Jupiter, however, in its position and aspect, shows when a person should wait for good luck. For example, Jupiter in a house of money in a favorable aspect with Venus is a clear indicator that a person will attract money. When evaluating a person’s chances for money, you need to consider the horoscope: the money house itself, the zodiac sign in which it is located, the position of the ruler of this money house, and how much it is surrounded by favorable aspects. It is also necessary to see where the Wheel of Fortune is located, which planets are located in the house of money, and evaluate the eighth house of the horoscope, since this house is responsible for business, investments, loans, deposits, inheritance, and even for the spiuce’s money. The relationship between the second and eighth houses indicates a talent for managing other people’s money, since the second house is controlled by Venus, which is responsible for finances, and the eighth – by Pluto, which is responsible for huge funds.

The connection of superior planets with money houses, or with the planet-rulers of these houses is also important: interaction with Uranus can give an unexpected change in finances, which completely changes the state of your bank account. Neptune inclines to secret and unofficial incomes, to the desire to conceal the true position of your financial situation, and Pluto, depending on the configuration, gives either a lot of money or financial crises.

If you want to know how rich you can be based on your horoscope, it is always necessary to consider a person’s horoscope as a whole, taking into account all the details. We hope our article was useful for you!