How to elaborate Mars and get rid of laziness

How to elaborate Mars and get rid of laziness

A huge number of people have to face the fact that it is difficult for them to force themselves to do something, even if they have a real goal. Many of our dreams remain dreams because of fear or ordinary laziness.

Laziness is not a cold or radiculitis, it is a condition, an internal preference in favor of a comfortable sofa, putting off, delaying and waiting. But everything is not so simple: on the one hand, doing nothing kills success, depriving you of the opportunity for an evolutionary breakthrough, and on the other, this state allows you to stop and think for a while, restore strength and energy. The main thing is not to go to extremes.

There are several main causes of laziness:

• Lack of natural energy;

• Incorrect goal setting or no goals at all;

•Low self-esteem;

• Invalid activity mode.

In order to recognize all the reasons, you need to have a detailed examination of the natal chart. However, there is a quick way elaborate the function of the psyche which pushes us to action.

In astrology, it is the planet Mars that is responsible for activity, action, initiative and will.

Mars in Aries – you hardly have problems with laziness, here Mars behaves boldly, decisively, quickly, however, if you still feel bouts of melancholy, then choose activities that involve risk and experiment. Take boxing classes, do physical exercises.

Mars in Taurus – here it is worth thinking about comfort at the workplace, encouraging yourself for the work done. If possible, ensure yourself a guaranteed result (take an advance payment). If you like something, you can do whatever needed.

Mars in Gemini – try to have maximum information, study literature, chat with friends, watch videos on Youtube. Running is the best way to pump your energy. Listen to rap.

Mars in Cancer – here the trigger is emotions, you need to take care of someone, and not act according to the patterns. Gaining momentum with the support of loved ones. You should relax, mind your thoughts and answer the question “why do I need all this?”

Mars in Leo – try to imagine that you have already won, praise yourself and allow you to admire your success, choose your direction and don’t obey anyone, create an atmosphere of celebration, joy and excitement.

Mars in Virgo is a hardworking Mars, but if laziness has attacked, it’s worth trying to break a big task into several small ones, study step-by-step instructions, and finally remember that your actions are of great benefit to humanity.  What do you need to be charged with energy? Nothing! You can work endlessly. You just need aim and motivation to make it successful.

Mars in Libra – its activity for the most part is a response to the impulse that came from outside, from other people. Choose a field related to counseling, social activities or engage in fine and delicate work, such as jewelry. Consult a knowledgeable person.

Mars in Scorpio – in order to take action, you need “special” emotions, which can realize themselves at the time of crisis, in extreme conditions. Think about the new experiences you will gain and what challenges you will face.

Mars in Sagittarius – it is necessary to catch fire with a big goal, create conditions of prestige or spirituality, cherish the idea that with your participation everything will become much better. Introduce new perspectives. Do several things at once.

Mars in Capricorn – plan everything thoroughly, study all the instructions, laws, regulations, the main trump card is perseverance and firmness.

Mars in Aquarius – in order to find a friendly team and a group of like-minded people, work in a “hangout” mode with a free schedule. Try to experiment.

Mars in Pisces is effective in a relaxed state. It is useful to meditate, get into the “stream”, strict frameworks and planning are contraindicated, let’s say creative mess, the use of intuition. The motivation may be engaging in charity and help those in need. Listen to music. Think about where all this can lead in the future.

Do not fight yourself forcibly and try to force yourself to do this or that at all costs. Deal with your own business, discarding or redirecting tasks that are alien to you. Set up a comfortable mode of operation, use the right motivation and then you will not become too lazy.

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