Leap year: what to expect from 2020?

Leap year: what to expect from 2020?

It’s not a surprise that many people feel frustrated in the end of this year. 2019 has turned out to be too full for sad events. However, it is not recommended to celebrate the New Year with such a gloomy mood, so we will try to reflect our fears rationally and try to consider the near future. If we do that, the coming 12 months of the leap year will not seem so gloomy.

When February has 29 days, instead of 28, the year is called a leap year. It happens due to a small discrepancy in our astronomical calendar of the number of days with the actual time during which our planet makes a complete round-trip around the Sun. Since this happens in 365 days and 6 hours, it was decided that the scientific world should not take into account these 6 hours in the “extra” day of February.

In fact, the extra day of the year does not have any effect on the world around it, since its presence is a tribute to conventionality. However, people who are distrustful of any changes in life tend to expect the bad from leap years. Due to this, many seem to have social and political troubles. It is logical to assume that with such an attitude, the execution of any large-scale affairs for many will be carried out with insufficient zeal and, as a result, the standard of living will definitely decrease. A leap year will be blamed for the bad state of affairs, and not their carelessness.

Wedding in 2020

In the old days, in a leap year, professional matchmakers were left without work, because the girls were given the right to choose their spouse independently. Over time, the tradition was lost, but a warning rule remained, which did not recommend starting a family in a leap year. Otherwise the couple expect:

  • unstable financial situation;
  • unhappy life together.

Interestingly, getting divorced is also not recommended in a non-standard year. According to predictions, such couples are guaranteed to not be unsatisfied with their personal life in the future.

Childbirth in 2020

Children born in a leap year usually have a good fate in all respects. So you’d better plan and give birth to a baby, or even two. These kids will be lucky in business and have an easy fate. Those who were born on a rare day in February are credited with extra opportunities, like the gift of divination. For those born on February 29, their birthday can be celebrated on either February 28 or March 1.

What are the better do’s and don’ts in a leap year? 

You better don’t:

  • do a haircut if you’re pregnant (so as not to harm the health of the future child);
  • plan new events, business projects, talk about your plans;
  • sell any domestic animals (mostly relevant for farmers);
  • do caroling;
  • lay the foundation of the house or build a bathroom (otherwise, everything erected will soon become worthless or disappear due to fire);
  • change residence or source of income;
  • celebrate the “first tooth” day of your child (they can get bad teeth for life).

You better do:

  • burn old slippers, and put a new pair in their place (thus you will burn out all the troubles and misfortunes);
  • when the New Year’s night comes, thank the cosmic forces for all the good things that happened in the past year, ask for the health of your family, good luck in business;
  • plant a garden with seedlings, while pronouncing something like: “I’m planting, but I won’t go into the ground myself.”

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