Leo in 2020: the Year of the Metal Rat will bring both success and difficulty

Leo in 2020: the Year of the Metal Rat will bring both success and difficulty

During the Year of the Metal Rat 2020, Leo will not be bored. Many unexpected events will happen in their life, but not all of them will be positive. In the professional field, you’d better have vigilance and alertness. Do not miss the chance to climb the corporate ladder or open your own business. You should also pay attention to the relationship in the work team, which will be shaky and tense. You should not forget about your beloved people, family, and friends. Find a place for them in your work schedule. In case of failure, they will come first to help and provide support.

General predictions 

2020 will be divided into two periods. The first period (January – end of June) is suitable for reflection, development of plans and implementation of the first steps. Pluto, which is an activator for the Leo constellation, will get underway and will reveal itself at the end of the period. You should consider this fact when planning your affairs. In the second period of 2020 (July – December) you can see the results of your work. It will become clear whether you are moving in the right direction or making the right decisions. It is worth considering that ups and downs are possible throughout the year. However, when you crave changes, you cannot do without it. Be confident in your actions, but do not allow excessive pressure. Focus on events that do not require an instant solution, as your main patron planet – the Sun – is just starting its way to the zenith.

Personal Life 

In 2020, Lions will experience difficulties in the love department. It will become difficult for them to cope with their feelings and find a common language with the opposite sex. Personal relationships will cause doubt, anxiety, and indecision.

Single Leo should not count on success in a romantic quest. The chances of meeting the other half will not be high.

Those who are in a relationship may be disappointed in a lover. Relationships will begin to be burdensome, but a sense of affection will hold back from breaking. By the end of the year, the situation will improve. Fading feelings and mutual understanding will return to the couple.


The Year of the Metal Rat for Leo promises to be interesting and favorable in the professional field. From February to May, things are picking up. t will be possible to solve past working troubles. However, caution should be exercised during communication with colleagues. Excessive self-confidence and open demonstration of your skills can be negatively perceived in the work team.

The period from early June to late August requires a serious approach to work. When making decisions, carefully analyze the situation. Mistakes made at this stage will have dire consequences.

September will be a good time for businessmen. They will have ideas that will help to expand the business and achieve a good income. This month will also be full of new acquaintances, which will develop into profitable cooperation.