Lunar Eclipse on January 11: here are the consequences

Lunar Eclipse on January 11: here are the consequences

Not many people know that there was a lunar eclipse in Cancer at night from January 11 to January 12, 2020. Cancer zodiac sign refers to the element of water and controls our emotions. In addition, Cancer is responsible for our personal lives, the atmosphere in the household and the relationships with family.

The lunar eclipse on January 11 in the constellation with Cancer will have an effect on what happens in the house where we live. This can relate to both the house itself (buying, selling, repairing, etc.) and those who live in this house (parents, other relatives, and people who are often present in the house). An eclipse can affect relationships with the loved ones, how good (or bad) we feel near them. The spheres of other property (transport, land, etc.) may also be affected.

During the eclipse, you should pay maximum attention to your home, your loved ones, as well as those people who depend on you or to whom you have promised something. Astrologers advise you to sort out your feelings and emotions and to look into your inner world on this day.

In medical astrology, Cancer sign refers to the chest and organs located behind the sternum. During the period of a lunar eclipse, you must remember that this part of the body can be especially vulnerable.

The sun at this time will be in conjunction with Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very severe eclipse. You will be tested for strength in relationships, health, human awareness, and the level of spiritual development. The energies of Saturn and Pluto cannot pass unnoticed by the moon and our emotional state. World catastrophes, terrorist attacks, changes in the composition of the government and leadership are possible. Try to conduct the revision of life goals. Health problems can limit your social activity and make you think about your mission and life guidelines.

Since Mercury is present in this stellium (a conjunction of more than 3 planets), our consciousness and thinking will also be affected. There may be communication failures, misunderstandings in communication, new sources of information can be activated. You need to filter what you read, watch, and listen. Unnecessary connections during this period can finally be destroyed. On an eclipse day, it’s best to refrain from traveling, interacting with electricity, and making important decisions.

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