Taurus in 2020: get ready for something big

Taurus in 2020: get ready for something big

In times of any upheaval, Taurus settles on their territory, among familiar objects and faces, and waits until life comes back to its normal tempo. Most often, this is a winning strategy, but not this year; you will not avoid a collision with 2020. The most sensitive thing for you will be the realization that the very foundation of your life is shaken and is about to collapse: Pluto acts powerfully, deeply and is capable of making a good shake in its active period. If you had a clear vision of the future, your ambitions, and goals which you firmly believe that you will achieve sooner or later, then get ready to the fact that you will have to say goodbye to all this in the new year.

General Predictions

The future you aspired to so much belongs to a passing era; the new era that will replace it will be completely different. All beliefs and principles are also expected to change inevitably. New times give rise to new ideas, and you will have to reconsider your views, not only in order to keep up with life, but also to understand the beginning of a decade. For some signs of the zodiac, this year will be a time of action and vivid battles. But you, on the contrary, should wait for internal struggles, attempts to find new support – in the social, political and other fields – which will give you a sense of reliability, a search for a safe place where you can settle again. And while all these battles are not visible to others, they are real and extremely important to you.

Personal Life

The awkward process of parting with the past is clearly visible in the personal life. Remaining open questions will pop up again, requiring final resolution before you can enter the new era. Most likely, you are too busy to return to the old debate, but the fact is that you need to enter the future by throwing the emotional burden off your shoulders, so you can not ignore the situation. All this may occur within the framework of the current relationship, but it may also happen that you will meet a person from your recent past again.

Shortly before your birthday or right after it, you will feel the significance of the moment – right now you are saying goodbye to the old “I” and get used to the fact that the future will be completely different. Moreover, you understand that this new future has every chance of surpassing what is left behind – and this awareness becomes a turning point. Instead of taking a defensive position, you bring creativity, optimism and even healthy ambitions into life.


Despite all the changes around you, you have the opportunity not only to move forward but also to move up the career ladder in your work. The first half of the year will be most favorable, especially in April, when your activity will bring tangible results. Uranus may not be the main force in 2020, but its presence in your sign still provides support, and you can take advantage of this energy supply. As you move forward, striving for something new, and not trying to cling to the past, everything will be in order!

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