The Ultimate Downsides of Each Zodiac Sign

The Ultimate Downsides of Each Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has both advantages and disadvantages, that’s something you can not avoid. When considering the prospects of love and relationships, it is necessary to take into account those dark sides of zodiac signs.

People usually show who they really are through words and actions, but horoscopes can also show possible difficulties. Of course, no one is perfect, therefore, we are here to provide you with a horoscope of flaws of the zodiac signs that can warn you before starting a relationship. If you pay attention to them, your relationship will develop in a more positive way.


Downsides of Aries

  • Men

– Man Aries usually loses interest after they conquer a woman.

–  He is ready to flirt with others while being in a relationship.

– When in rage, he is not always able to control himself.

  • Women

– Her sarcastic remarks may look like bullying, so the partner can get hurt because of this.

– Woman Aries is a player in love, she likes to show off how many broken hearts she has left behind.

– She may enjoy arguing with a partner in public places.


Downsides of Taurus

  • Men

– He takes a completely passive approach to romantic relationships; his inertia may seem insurmountable.

– When meeting with a potential partner, he seeks to minimize costs. It may look as if he is looking for someone to save on.

– In case of trouble, he turns to alcohol.

  • Women

– A materialistic approach to love, striving to find a partner who will provide all her needs.

– It is impossible to convince her, even if she is wrong.

– She firmly takes her place, both literally and figuratively. If you interfere with something, she will easily push you aside.


Downsides of Gemini

  • Men

– He is able to answer calls of other girls or call others, send them messages while being on the first date with you.

– He is so talkative that it may seem like you’re on a one-man show.

– Behaves as an eternal player, an eternal student. He constantly forgets that there are responsibilities in life.

  • Women

– She can behave so fussy that even a direct open look in her eyes makes her nervous.

– She fills the entire space with herself and speaks without pauses.

– Creates dramatic situations in love, while they are not based on real emotions, which makes her seem cunning. Likes to manipulate a partner.


Downsides of Cancer

  • Men

– He pulls back and shows resentment at the slightest hint of criticism.

– If his mood goes down, restoring his normal mood may take several days.

– May behave like a child because of his emotions.

  • Women

– She talks about her emotional tragedies on a first date, giving the man a difficult role of a lifeguard.

– Forgets about caution and prematurely starts intimate relationships with a hope that love will come later.

– Likes to play the role of a victim instead of learning to defend himself.


Downsides of Leo

  • Men

– In a relationship, he can quickly become lazy and inactive.

– He tests the sincerity of other person’s feelings showing indifference.

– He can be a petty tyrant in a relationship.

  • Women

– If she is unhappy with anything, her anger can destroy her life partner, periods of negative emotions can last quite a long time.

– She requires gifts and expensive signs of attention, even if it is obvious that she is not interested in this relationship.

– Requires to be treated like a queen, while tending to treat others as inanimate objects.


Downsides of Virgo

  • Men

– He gives a critical assessment of the appearance or clothing of the partner, accompanying it with suggestions for improvement, and it may start already on the first date.

– As soon as he arrives home, he immediately starts cleaning.

– He takes out suspicious (in his opinion) pieces from the dinner prepared for him.

  • Women

– If she was invited to dinner, she could bring her food carefully prepared with her.

– Annoyed and angry if unforeseen circumstances threaten to disrupt her daily routine.

– Incapable of constructive actions in an unusual situation and in a relationship.


Downsides of Libra

  • Men

– When faced with any kind of conflict, he does not take any action.

– Has difficulty determining true affection; he does not always know with certainty which team he plays in.

• He can live his life as a dreamer, without actually doing anything.

  • Women

– She is constantly trying to show her intellectual superiority.

– Demonstrates her partner’s deficiencies in public.

– Considers life as a beauty contest, does not stop at nothing to win it.


Downsides of Scorpio

  • Men

– He turns into a formidable investigator shortly after the start of a relationship.

– He becomes cold and distant if he suspects that his partner hides something from him.

– It can be an energy vampire that can draw vitality from a partner, even at a distance.

  • Women

– She lets out poisonous remarks, using them as a way to maintain distance in a relationship.

– Able to intimidate a partner to gain control over him.

– Too distrustful of love to allow anyone to truly approach her.


Downsides of Sagittarius

  • Men

– With a seemingly sincere interest and enthusiasm, he asks for a phone number but never calls.

– There is a high percentage of players who turn sincere feelings into a joke. The game of love for them is only a part of their diverse adventures.

– He is constantly looking for perfection and is always ready to start the next relationship.

  • Women

– She may use rude or overly explicit expressions in situations where tact and delicacy are needed.

– She is passionate and impatient, wants everything at once, which can undermine the self-confidence of a man who wants to have a relationship with her.

– She is ready to reveal the secrets of all my friends, not excluding the secrets of a loved one, so it is difficult to have a really close relationship with her.


Downsides of Capricorn

  • Men

– He has high career goals, and he can only consider you in terms of whether he will take a step up the career ladder with your help.

– He can have such a gloomy and complex character, it is hard to believe that anything can make him happy.

– He may seem so uninterested in you for so long that it is up to you to decide whether to continue relations with him.

  • Men

– In a relationship, she is constantly waiting for disappointment to convince herself once again that she isn’t happy in love.

– Amorous dates with her may be more like interviews. Capricorn will play the role of boss.

– Her workaholism does not allow her to relax in a relaxed atmosphere.


Downsides of Aquarius

  • Men

– He prefers to meet with a potential partner in the company of friends, feels insecure when meeting face to face.

– When demonstrating emotions, his gaze rushes into the distance, then he goes in the same direction, moving away more and more.

– May have clinical curiosity about intimate relationships, which can offend his partner.

  • Men

– She is trying to seek support for her own ideas in a relationship, for example, pushing her partner to participate in rallies, etc.

– Can know everything about everything, but not able to do anything in practice.

– She has difficulties with creating an intimate atmosphere in a relationship. She seeks to transfer love to a social level.


Downsides of Pisces

  • Men

– He can overly idealize relations from the very beginning, thereby condemning the partner to failure since no ideal thing exists in real life.

– His sensitivity makes you seek refuge in altered states of consciousness, so you can never be sure who you will meet next time.

– If he wants to avoid the relationship, he simply disappears without explanation.

  • Men

– She finds reality so harsh that it needs to be mitigated by fantasy.

– She wants to please and please someone, so she may lose her own self.

– She is subject to illusions or obsessions.


Well, as it was mentioned above, we all have drawbacks. The only thing we can do to make the life easier is to work on our con’s to make them our pro’s!