Virgo in 2020: career surprises await you

Virgo in 2020: career surprises await you

2020 or Virgos will certainly be a bright year full of amazing events. Stars are on your side. Love, success, money, recognition, glory – nothing is impossible for you in 2020! Do not turn off the chosen path, follow your dream and the most incredible fantasies will become a reality!

General predictions

The horoscope 2020 for Virgos sign has a positive characteristic. Mercury – the ruler and activator of Virgo – will be strengthened by the favorable position of Pluto and will be able to suppress any potential negative emanating from Mars and the Sun. The year will start quite brightly and positively, and you will be one of the few zodiac signs with frequent surprises awaiting in this cycle. But the point is not that you may not have enough up-to-date information or someone will decide to hide something from you. It’s just that many events in your life will be unpredictable, so it makes no sense to look far ahead. Horoscope for 2020 advises living “here and now.” This year will be sensual and emotional, but quite calm.

Personal Life

In 2020 you will have almost no time for love. All your thoughts will be occupied by your career and promotion. You will also have a fairly tight relationship with close relatives. If parents don’t like your loved one, you will be very upset about this. But if your romance becomes a hindrance to your job responsibilities, you’ll choose a career. And if to achieve the goal you have to flirt a little with the specific person – well, for the sake of business you are ready to go for it.
For Virgos in a relationship, love affairs are left in the past year. Now you are choosing stability in a relationship. This does not preclude the possibility of flirting, especially on trips. But you will not go far, as you value your partner.
Single Virgos will only look for those who suit them. And the criteria in 2020 will be quite certain: you need an influential partner who will help you with your career. You can easily find a man who will respond to your explicit hints and begin to flirt with you. But is it worth it?


The financial situation this year will please you: you will have several additional sources of income. The main thing is not to refuse offers and to think through your actions well. Virgo will not be without work. You will be offered seductive offers with good financial prospects during the whole year. Inspired by tempting prospects, Virgo will feel an unprecedented surge of energy and will begin to actively make plans for the future. In 2020, the professional field will take all your time. You’ll unexpectedly embrace the desire for career growth. Please note that during the year, the horoscope predicts both ups and downs. However, the result is up to you.