Why you need to have your personal horoscope done

Why you need to have your personal horoscope done

When we hear the word “horoscope”, we immediately imagine a column in a newspaper or in a magazine with 12 paragraphs of short predictions for all zodiac sign. Few people know the true origin of the word and the fact that the zodiac is only a small part of the horoscope.

What is a horoscope? Looking into the Greek dictionary, you will find a translation of two words that make up the definition of a horoscope: ωρο – hour and σκόπιο – aim, observe. So, the horoscope is nothing but the observation of the hour. It is for that moment at which something or someone, a person or event was born. The astrologer analyzes the entire sky map and, according to special rules, builds a cosmogram, diagram of the sky projecting the position of the celestial sphere, planets, zodiac signs and celestial houses at a certain time moment and in a specific geographical location. Modern astrologers call this drawing an astrological chart, and if it is a chart for a person, then a natal chart. The scheme of the sky with all the stars and zodiac constellations and aspects between planets and fictitious points is the horoscope that captured the heavenly picture of your future earthly being at the moment of your first breath and cry.

Unlike astronomy, astrology uses a geocentric calculation system, and, therefore, symbolically each individual is the center of the world around which the universe revolves. This reflects the individual horoscope.

For example, the Sun in our horoscope symbolizes life itself and individuality (ego). We all know our solar signs – Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn and others. All tabloid astrological predictions are constructed according to the position of the Sun, which are generally called horoscopes. However, there are still many planets and one very important luminary – the Moon, which our mood, emotional state, our habits and reactions depend on.

You need to study for a long time and have confidence and a predisposition to this science in order to be able to read and interpret these intricate schemes, so not everyone can become a good astrologer. A lot of websites offer free horoscopes, there are programs for calculating the natal chart used, usually not very clear to an ordinary person. It is very difficult for such person to see the whole picture and to extract some benefit from the text read. Although an inquiring mind can find out something valuable, it is still better to trust a specialist.

What do we get when ordering a horoscope and how to decide which horoscope to order?

The intention to turn to an astrologer, as a rule, arises in a person when they find themselves in a difficult situation, or when they are bothered by some long period of difficulties, the inability to achieve the desired. Those who are familiar with astrology apply to a specialist specifically to calculate the favorable time to start a business or to predict events. That’s a very correct approach because the type of horoscope that you will analyze with your astrologer depends on your request.

The horoscope of birth (an individual one) is aimed at an astropsychological analysis of personality and carries information about the nature, abilities, talents, predispositions to certain diseases, about reactions and features of interaction with the world, it also shows areas of limitation and difficulties. Thus, a person, receives instructions for action, for survival and the most optimal path in the areas of career and professional implementation, homebuilding and family life, creativity and hobbies. A correct understanding of your personality makes it possible to treat the resources inherent in it carefully, the ability to prevent rash acts and disappointment from the results.

You can select any sphere that interests you most at the moment, and analyze this particular aspect – this type of horoscope is called thematic. For a thematic horoscope, there is a certain calculation rule from the planet responsible for the sphere of interest. For example, the theme of love and personal life, career and earning, the theme of travel and education and so on. Thematic horoscopes also include the karmic horoscope, the analysis of which helps a person understand his evolutionary task, the accumulated karmic experience, the alleged tests and temptations, the sources of power to overcome them.

If the question concerns not only one person, but there are difficulties in relations with a loved one or employee, friend, family member, then it is better to order a “synastry”, or a compatibility horoscope for these purposes. In this case, the astrologer will consider two charts, yours and one of the pthter person, therefore, you need to know the data of the person you are asking about. The compatibility horoscope will indicate the points of contact between two people, the level of conflict, similarity or difference in interests and worldview, the ability to have a constructive dialogue and the ability to collaborate and create. In addition to describing all these interpersonal aspects, an astrologer can give you recommendations, keys to understanding another individual’s personality, and help in a conflict situation.

What do you need for a horoscope?

In order to make a professional horoscope, an astrologer needs not just your date of birth. Horoscope by date of birth is called a cosmogram, and it also has a lot of useful information about the character and reactions. But still the picture will be incomplete and superficial.

To compile an accurate personal horoscope, you must tell the astrologer the full data: date, place of birth, place of their current residence, and most importantly, time of birth. There are cases when the time of birth is unknown or inaccurate – in this case, the astrologer may resort to the rectification method. For rectification, the astrologer will need some data on the events that have occurred in your life, as well as photographs (if the consultation is conducted remotely). However, it is not always possible to calculate the exact time – this is a very time-consuming and painstaking process, and very expensive. The most accurate horoscope will be acquire only after knowing the exact time of birth. Every minute counts when it comes to prediction.

Why do you need a horoscope?

If you are interested in your future, you need to be very attentive to your past. If time of your birth is well-known, you can have a horoscope based on progressions, directorates and transit, which can tell about future events in your life. Predictive astrological methods make it possible to see a picture of the most probable events in various fields, however it is not possible to predict how a person will behave in these situations – this is the choice given to people from God for their own management.

This raises the question, why do you need to know about your future life events if the end result is unknown? Well, knowing this events will help you prevent serious troubles and losses, and sometimes mobilize forces to achieve results which seemed impossible for you before.

In addition to predicting events likely to happen, there are some other astrological methods that can help you in everyday life. A very interesting and useful direction in astrology is called election – this is the choice of a good time for important endeavors, using the factor of luck. For example, to register a marriage or build a house, start a business, sign an important contract, etc. After all, each event that has begun will have its own life, and if it begins under a happy star, then the development will be favorable.

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